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—  Menu  —

Gourmet Burgers from our scratch kitchen


served with House Made Kettle Chips & Pickles

*Upgrade to Fresh Cut Seasoned French Fries, Superfood Coleslaw, Broccoli Salad, Cranberry Farro Quinoa Salad or Side Salad*

—  The Cheesehead
Wisconsin Meadows grass-fed beef topped with Hill Valley Dairy cheddar & gouda on a toasted brioche bun – mixed greens, heirloom tomato & red onion on the side

—  Black n’ Blue
Wisconsin Meadows grass-fed beef seasoned with house blackening spice topped with a Wisconsin triple cream gorgonzola, herb butter portobellos & caramelized onions on a toasted brioche bun

—  The Grazing Brit
Wisconsin Meadows grass-fed beef, Hometown Sausage Kitchen bacon, organic heirloom tomato, Oaxacan style guacamole, fresh jalapeno, organic mixed greens & house jalapeno aioli on a toasted brioche bun

—  The MACGA
Wisconsin Meadows grass-fed beef with American cheese, heirloom tomato, house made pickles, greens & “special sauce” on a toasted brioche bun

—  The Van Helsing
Wisconsin Meadows grass-fed beef burger with Hill Valley Dairy garlic herb compound cheese, garlic aiolik caramelized onions & arugula on a toasted brioche bun.

—  The WisconSinner
The quintessential Wisconsin burger: 8oz Wisconsin Meadows grass-fed burger topped with griddle melted Hill Valley Dairy cheese curds, Hometown Sausage Kitchen bacon & buttermilk fried onion strings on a toasted pretzel bun.

—  The Roosevelt
Navarino Valley ground bison, Hometown Sausage Kitchen bacon, Hill Valley Dairy cheddar cheese, fried onion strings & Flat Iron BBQ sauce on a toasted pretzel bun

—  The Old Mutton
Pinn Oak Farms ground lamb, Hill Valley Dairy garlic dill white cheddar, pickled onion, organic arugula & fresh herb aioli on a toasted pretzel bun

—  The Orion
Pinn Oak Farms ground lamb, house made skordilia almond garlic spread, kalamata olive aioli, heirloom tomato & arugula toasted brioche bun

—  The Roman Turtle
House made black bean quinoa burger, River Valley ‘Shroom Farm garlic butter sauteed portobellos, mixed greens & jalapeno aioli on a toasted brioche bun

—  Flat Iron Steak Hoagie
Grass-fed CAB flat iron steak with caramelized onion, garlic butter sauteed River Valley Ranch Mushroom Farm portobellos, arugala, & Hill Valley Dairy garlic herb compound cheese on a toasted french roll

—  The Townie
It doesn’t get much more local than this! Our 14oz meatball sandwich blends Starry Nights Farm’s (12mi) grass-fed beef with Pinn Oak Ridge’s (21mi) lamb & roasted garlic, Spanish onions & fresh herbs. Topped off with our basil marinara & provolone cheese. Served on toasted Simple Bakery & Market french with a side of hot giardiniera

—  Italian Beef
All-natural Devanco Italian beef piled high on a toasted French roll topped with provolone cheese served with a side of au jus & hot giardiniera

—  Pulled Pork
15 hour smoked pulled pork shoulder served either Classic: Flat Iron BBQ on toasted brioche, or Flat Iron Style: Buttermilk fried onion strings, Hill Valley Dairy cheddar cheese & cracked mustard seed sauce on a toasted pretzel bun
$13 / $14

—  Salmon Bahn Mi
Grilled Verlasso Salmon with a Vietnamese glaze served on a toasted Simple Bakery & Market French bread with superfood slaw, pickled onions, cucumbers & jalapeno aioli

—  Loaded Grilled Cheese
Hill Valley Dairy cheddar, provolone, Hill Valley Dairy garlic herb compound cheese, Hometown Sausage Kitchen bacon & organic heriloom tomato on challah bread.

—  Pollo Fresco
Grilled, marinated organic Bell & Evans chicken breast topped with Oaxacan style guacamole, Hill Valley Dairy habanero cheddar cheese & organic mixed greens on a toasted brioche bun

—  The Mocking Bird
Buttermilk fried Bell & Evans chicken breast with a 12 secret herbs and spices rub & copycat sauce on a toasted brioche bun, served with lettuce, tomato & house made pickles on the side

—  The Phoenix
Buttermilk fried Bell & Evans chicken breast, house made Nashville style hot sauce, superfood coleslaw & house made pickles on a toasted brioche bun



—  Tomahawk Porkchop
Grilled Truebridge Duroc porkchop with deep fried yukon gold potato salad with Hometown Sausage Kichen bacon & brussels sprouts.  

—  Cider House Salmon
8oz seared Verlasso Salmon with carmelized onion butter & an apple cider glaze, served with crispy rose, yukon and sweet potato medley

chef Ellie Railton


—  Smoked Wings  —
(dry rub, Flat Iron BBQ, medium, hot, Korean BBQ or Phoenix)
full pound of delicious Bell & Evans organic chicken wings- brined, smoked & flash fried. Served with celery, carrots & your choice of house ranch or bleu cheese


—  Won Ton Mozzarella Sticks —
Eight Wisconsin-made mozzarella cheese sticks rolled in a light wonton wrapper, flash fried & served with house made marinara

—  Basket of Fries —
Fresh cut French fries seasoned with Flat Iron’s special blend of spices

—  Onion Strings —
Buttermilk fried Spanish onion string served with house made jalapeno ranch

—  Brat Pops —
Hometown Sausage Kitchen’s Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwurst, cornmeal battered & fried, served with a side of Flat Iron’s Cracked Mustard Seed sauce

—  Grilled Brie —
8oz Grilled Wisconsin brie on a bed of arugula with a seasonal topping. Served with piadina flat bread & crackers

—  Chips & Spread —
House made chips served with our Garlic Herb Cheese Spread

— Fried Portobello Steaks—
Panko breaded portobella mushroom steaks from River Valley Ranch, flashed fried & parmesan dusted served with our house marinara & garlic herb compound cheese


— Skordilia—
House made traditional Greek almond & potato spread with fresh garlic, olive oil & lemon juice. Served with toasted piadina, heirloom carrots, cucumbers & snap peas.


—  Guacamole & Salsa —
Fried to order corn tortilla chips house with Oaxacan style guacamole & salsa picosa

—  Fried Brussels Sprouts —
Deep fried brussels sprouts with a honey garlic glaze, chopped Hometown Sausage Kitchen bacon, red pepper flakes & sesame seeds

—Wisconsin Cheese Curds—
Locally made cheese curds from Hill Valley Dairy, hand battered & flash fried. Served with house made ranch


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—  The Patagonia —
Verlasso salmon, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, black quinoa, red onions & heirloom radishes on arugula with mango citrus vinaigrette

—  Fall Harvest Cobb —
Organic mixed greens, arugula topped with brussels sprout blend. Hometown Sausage Kitchen bacon, cranberry farro quinoa salad, local apples, pecans, Wisconsin bleu cheese, red onions & with an apple cider dressing

—  Southwestern Salad —
Organic mixed greens, guacamole, organic heirloom tomato, red onion, cucumber, Hometown Sausage Kitchen bacon, jalapeno & fresh tortilla strips tossed in our jalapeno ranch

—  House Salad —
Organic mixed greens, cucumber, red onion, organic heirloom cherry tomatoes, heirloom carrots & snap peas with our house white balsamic vinaigrette

ADD grilled chicken breast, steak, lamb or salmon to any salad